Week 3- Arrival to Sierra Leone


This week on Tuesday Elder Turner traveled from the Ghana MTC to Freetown Sierra Leone. Because of the travel schedule he does not believe he get’s a P Day to email this week. However he was allowed a 5 minute call home by the Mission President. He told me that a parent had been calling the mission home all day worried about their son and they did not know who it was so he was allowing all of them to call after his interview with them. (It was not us for all you wondering!!) Ryland sounded good and said he was happy to leave the MTC although it was difficult leaving several new friends he had made. He said a group of 19 Elders and 1 Sister came with him to Sierra Leone. He would be staying in the Mission home that night and would meet his trainer and be assigned an area the following day. He sounded excited to enter the field and start working. We received the attached letter from the Mission Office via email a little later.

                               SIERRA LEONE FREETOWN MISSION

#2 Belliar Park Dwarzak Farm

Freetown, Sierra Leone


23 June 2016

Dear Sister and Brother

We are delighted to have received your son today from the Ghana MTC.  He will receive further orientation and training here at the Mission Home.  Shortly he will meet his trainer and be introduced to his proselyting area.

We have enjoyed our initial meeting with him and feel he is a great addition to our mission.  We will send you more information this week about his assignment and other logistical information.

Thank you for helping him prepare to be a great missionary!  The missionary work here is very productive and it will be a life-changing experience for him, as well as the people whose lives she will touch.

Your fellow servants,

Sister Toi Clawson and President Kevin Clawson

Sierra Leone Freetown Mission


2 thoughts on “Week 3- Arrival to Sierra Leone

  1. This is SO awesome Ryland (and Joyce)!!!

    Your posts bring me hope and tears!! Happy Tears of course!! 🙂

    Love your comments and the scriptures that you post – you are an amazing kid and family!! We pray for you and the all the ‘Boys’

    Each day!!! BE WELL!!

    Love you lots – all of you!!

    Beth Peterson



  2. Happy Memorial Day – I think this Missionary LOVES you all and get life more and more each day!!! Thank you all for your continued prayers!!

    Beth and family 🙂


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