1 Down, 23 to Go!

Soccer Tournament in Town

Quick update on Elder Dunn- He was moved back to Salt Lake on Friday and is now in a hospital there receiving the best care he can. Things are still on edge but at least he is close to home and to his mother, his future is still uncertain so continue the prayers please.

One month Down!!! This month has been crazy, Sometimes I feel like it went fast, other times I feel like I’ve been away from everyone so long. It’s weird to think that one month ago I was sleeping in a nice soft bed, surrounded by everyone I love, doing what ever I felt like doing each day. Now I am sleeping in a mosquito net, eating nothing but unknown spicy food, walking miles and miles everyday. It’s like going on a hike each day wearing church clothes, sweating more than you ever thought you could. Definitely not what I expected. I can already tell I am losing weight and I didn’t have any to lose. I guess that means when I get home I can eat whatever I want for a little while and not worry about it. This week we didn’t have much going on. We visited some less actives and a couple of investigators. You can’t plan anything with people here because they are never home. You walk around to people you planned to visit and find no one, so you just continue to walk, and walk, and walk, and then walk. And did I mention it’s not flat in Makeni, yeah so it is literally hiking. It makes finding someone home such a relief, you get a chance to sit and rest while you teach. This week while walking we passed a large soccer tournament so we stopped and watched a bit and talked with several people, it was fun.

So when you walk down the street here and the people see a white person, they yell     “OPOTO” or “OPOTO YAMADE” which means white man, or white man,  I want to eat. I learned from the locals to yell back “OBIE” or “OBIE, YAMADE” which means black man, or black man, I want to eat.  They all get super surprised that you are talking like them. It’s pretty funny to see their faces. So you really are like a superstar when you walk down the street here. Sometimes it gets annoying but other times it’s really fun. Everyone is willing to talk to you so that is good. I see Elder Foote all the time as he is assigned in Makeni also. (another elder from Az), but I have not seen Elder Cluff in weeks. (Travel companion from Az)

I learned something interesting about my companion this week. He is from Ghana and was originally called to serve in Nigeria. He spent a year in Nigeria before he was reassigned to serve in Sierra Leone after the mission reopened. He has a family because I have seen the pictures of them, but he never emails home and never writes them. He told me they do not even know he was transferred to Sierra Leone, they still think he is serving in Nigeria. Seems weird to me that he never contacts them and that they wouldn’t know where he is, but that’s how he wants it I guess. We have our ups and downs and have argued a little over the past two weeks, but it’s all good. We get along pretty well most of the time. He just doesn’t want to be considered the senior companion making the decisions. He says we are equal and we are both supposed to make decisions, not him. So that sometimes leads to little disagreements but we are getting through them so that’s okay. My mission president and his wife are awesome, they are super nice and caring and his wife makes some really good food. African food of course, lol!

So this week we all get to travel back to Freetown for a conference with everyone. I am so stoked. I will get to see some companions from the MTC but also another Apostle is visiting. First I heard from Elder Bednar in the MTC, now only 1 month out and we return to hear from another Apostle. What a blessing it is to listen to them teach in such a small and intimate setting. I can’t wait. They have not told us who it is yet, but I don’t really care, I know it will be great.

Well, sorry for the pictures, there just wasn’t a lot to photograph this week. I want everyone to email me and tell me what is going on, I miss everyone so much. When I get on next week I hope to have an inbox filled with new messages. Those really keep all of us going. Love and miss all you guys, talk to you next week.





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