Week 7

Hey Everyone, Sorry my time is short this week. The power has gone out several times at the Internet Cafe we use so I don’t have much left. I’m also having trouble uploading my photos because of the issues, so no photos this week.

So I just spent 50,000 Leones on a Hamburger and Fries, I was craving American food so much. It is going to make my budget this month tight but is was so worth it. hahahaha. To be honest, the hamburger wasn’t nearly as good as one back home but here after 7 weeks it was seriously so amazing to eat I could have cried! It even came with fries……

I had an interesting conversation with Elder Foote the other day, we were discussing how money controls everyone’s lives and it’s nothing but paper. I have learned here that you can be so happy even without money, it’s amazing how humble people are when that is not what you worry about. We had a good week with investigators. All of the less actives and investigators we invited to church actually came. Every single one! It was awesome!! We normally have about  115-120 members that attend church, this week we had almost 150. For the first time since I left I actually feel like I am making a difference. We have a baptismal date of October 1st and as of this moment we have 4 set and 2 more possibilities. We also have a family that we check up on every week to make sure they come to church. These people here need to understand the importance of keeping promises to the Lord and that attending church and taking the sacrament is one of those promises. Here some people struggle with remembering that. No matter how many different ways we explain it, they still struggle. All we can do is strive to to do our best to encourage them, but in the end the choice is still theirs to make.

So this week I finally got to understand the rainy season, it poured here all week. We actually got caught in it once and it was not fun. You cannot understand how hard it rained and how wet we got. I guess it’s all just part of the experience and will make me better somehow. Nothing else much happened really, Ate weird food, saw big bugs I have never seen before, got bitten by mosquitoes too many times to count, and lost power several times. Yeah, that’s Africa for you guys!

Love you all, thanks for the emails, I love to hear how everyone is doing and what is going on in your life. Talk to you next week!




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