Week 9

Hey everyone! So this week I got a new companion! His name is Elder Badoo and he’s AWESOME!! He is front Ghana and loves it in Makeni. He loves that we have somewhat reliable electricity. We get along super great and I can tell there is a lot I can learn from him!! He has been out for about 5 months now and is so different from my last companion.
So this week nothing too exciting happened but me and some of the other elders have been trying to find some cats to kill and eat. Why you ask, because that’s just what people here do! (and my new companion says cats are really good) So far we haven’t found any but you will know as soon as we do! Elder Cluff and his companions killed a rat last week and ate it, now we are looking to have our own feast here in Makeni. Oh and we are also saving our money and putting it together to buy our own pig to slaughter and eat. We need 500,000 Leones to buy one so that is kinda of expensive on a missionary budget. ($90.00 US). One day we may have enough.
So last night it rained and this lady brought us some tree bark. You just chew on it and get all the water out and then spit it out and grab another piece haha! I’m telling you everything that looks like you can eat, you just stick it in your mouth and try. It’s kinda gross but sometimes its kinda funny! Every meal in Africa is a mystery for sure!
So as far as teaching goes here nobody will listen to you if you don’t show them you are serious and in order to do that you kinda need to chastise them a little bit… So we have a recent convert who was just baptized and she didn’t come to church so we went to go see why. It turns out she was busy doing her hair and cooking…. So we said can we sit down and have a little lesson with you? She said yes, so we sat this lady down and chastised her and I kinda felt bad but we told her  ” So if you would have come to church you would have heard we taught a lesson on honesty, But you didn’t come so you need to know that you lied to the Lord by not coming to church. When you were baptized you made a covenant to partake of the sacrament and you didn’t come this week so you broke your promise. Now you need to go repent and we better see you next week…” haha she promised to not miss another week of church and she started replying with “Yes sir” or “No sir” like they do in school haha! But its seriously what we need to do here to make them understand how important covenants are! It makes me laugh when I think about how she was responding to us as we were talking to her.
So here when you need to go a far distance the way we get around is by motorcycle! You can seriously just walk down the street and raise your hand, call bike,  and one will pull up.  You tell them where you need to go and negotiate price and then they take you and its seriously so fun sometimes because you never know who you’ll get to take you! Some of them are just terrible drivers, some fast, some slow, and some just really dumb with directions! Its just so great when they get lost and you have a white man telling the native driver where to go! Sometimes when you negotiate a price they will make fun of you while speaking Krio fast, because they don’t think you understand. Then when you respond to them even with the little bit of Krio you know,  they get super scared of you and always take your price haha! The benefits of learning the native language.
But that’s about all that happened this week! I hope everything is going good back home! I love you guys and would love to hear from you!!
-Elder Turner

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