Week 10!- Note from Mohamed

Hey everyone everything here in Salone (Local’s name for Sierra Leone)  is going good!!
We didn’t find any cats:( And you guys are all confused I’ve already eaten cat and its pretty good actually haha we just haven’t caught our own to cook and eat!)
I cant believe Meghan is getting freaking married!! Best part I’m gaining a Brother… I’ve always wanted a brother! This week has been alright we taught a lot some days and other days barely at all…. There was two days this week we taught 8 lessons per day and a couple days we only taught like 3.  We also went to Freetown for some meetings this week so it was a busy week!
Something I’ve learned while here is the importance of being obedient. I’ve learned that when you are obedient the days fly by, and you are happy for no reason whatsoever. You could be having the worst day ever but you just be walking down the street with the biggest smile on your face and you’ll have no idea why. Walking in the sun, going to houses when people aren’t home and everything isn’t fun at all. But you’ll just be happy for no reason and its honestly the best feeling! There is absolutely no reason to be happy but you just are!
So this week I got my first haircut… I’m sorry mom I know you said to promise not to let another Elder cut it but I’m in Africa and things happen… The haircut I always joked about getting when they cut the sides and leave the top long, Yeah… that’s the one I got haha…. But you know sometimes you just gotta make do with what you have…
We also found a pretty big spider in our apartment and my companion just told me to leave it so we did. We woke up and it was just chilling in the corner of our room and we just left it there, it was all good and wasn’t hurting anyone. Now its gone and I have no idea where it went but its okay as long as it doesn’t end up in any of my stuff haha!
Anyway last week was a really good week and hopefully this week can be just as good!!  Love you guys!!
Elder Turner
This week we also received an email from a man named Mohamed in Sierra Leone. When I asked Ryland who it was he replied with the following. It was nice to hear from someone who has met and been touched by Elder Turner. 
NOOO he emailed you!?! That’s so sick!! Hes a member in the branch I serve in and he’s literally like one of my favorite people here! He asked me for your email today and I gave it to him but I didn’t think that he would actually email you!! I freaking love that guy!
(attached email)
Greeting from a friend in Sierra Leone by the name of Mohamed Kargbo

Am so much greatful to our heavely father for giving me the opportunity to get your mail, my name is mohamed kargbo from sierra leone.

i am a friend of your son Ryland Turner a missionary from america in te church of Jesus Christ of Later Days Saint in sierra leone.

Sience his arrivial into this country and my city where i lived which is makeni City, we meet each other as brother and friend. We appreciate each other very much. We shear things in cmmon as brothers.

I am a t the university doing My first Certificate Coures. I am the only child of my parent, so am there hope in life

Your son is such a nice person person friendly,kind,honest,and  trust wordy. I love him so much that is why i take your mail from him just to send you a message so that there wil be good talk between me and his family.

i had watch most of his pictures both individual, friends and family, i love all the pctures of his beautiful family. I pray that God will continue to bless the Turner Family in what ever things you are doing in life.

i will always do my best to guid him in my country as a brother and friend, I pray that God will continue to guide him on his mission here and go with him safe to the USA in good health and meet with you in good health and wisdom and understanding.

I pray that one day we will know each other better and live as one family in the Church of Jesus Christ  of Later Days Saint and shear things in common.

I say all these things in the name of Jesus christ Ameen.

Thanks for your understanding.

for any forther information about me  ypou are free to ask me anything you want to know more about me in my mail or number.

                                                                  Yours faithful,

                                                                   Mohamed Kargbo,


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