Week 11- Stolen Camera

Hey everyone!!
Everything here is going great! We got a ton of rain this week and I
got soaked several times and had to just walk from place to place in pouring
rain all day…. It was pretty miserable but we taught some really good
lessons those days so it totally made up for it!I’m sorry but this week I won’t be sending any pictures because my camera got stolen… I’m not sure if someone took it out of my bag
while we were walking down a busy road, or if it was taken from my apartment,
but it’s gone along with all my pictures from the MTC, Mission home,
everything…. it really sucks… The worst part, I was given permission from the mission President to send a video to my sister for her wedding. I made the video and tried to send it once but it wouldn’t send. Then I went to try again the next day and my camera was gone. I can’t even tell you how depressed I was when I realized my camera was gone and I wouldn’t be able to send the video… like seriously I was almost in tears… I just wanted to be a part of my sisters wedding and now that was not going to happen. I couldn’t be there but I couldn’t be more proud of Meghan! I saw her pictures and she looked so beautiful and happy. All that matters to me is she is happy! I know she found an amazing guy in Sam and I couldn’t be more excited for them! Plus it’s official, I now have a brother!!
Not a ton happened this week but it was really busy with lessons and visiting less actives and it’s just crazy! We have so many people who were baptized during the Ebola outbreak and now have become less active. We have a lot of ground to cover but we just take it a day at a time!! We don’t have great records here, so you find less actives by asking people if they know someone who hasn’t been coming to church, and where we might find them. Then we walk and try and find people who know them. It’s tough but rewarding when you do find them and bring them back to church.
Oh and I am getting along with my new trainer, Elder Badoo, pretty well. Like every companionship we have some difficulties but we work them out pretty quick and everything is good, which is how it should be. I am thankful for all he teaches me.
But that’s about all that happened this week, sweat a lot, got wet, ate spicy food, walked a ton, the typical week in Africa lol! I hope you all are doing well! I love and miss you guys!!
Elder Turner


One thought on “Week 11- Stolen Camera

  1. Hey kid. Can’t even begin to tell you have proud we all are of you!! Jaron is real close to his report date and I honestly can’t wait!!! I know it will be hard for him and I hope he will have the same attitude you do’! You are the best example for all these lost boys!! Hunter Braeden and a few others could learn so much from you and your letters home!! Jaron was granted permission to take out his endowment along side your sister!! What an amazing night. I will forever be in debt to your family for making this happen and allowing him to share the experience with your family!! And yes your sister’s wedding was beautiful. I hope someone is sending you the picture we took with your cut out of all the boys and girls still around AZ!! It was super fun. If you don’t recv it ask and I know we can get it to you!! So sorry about the camera. That stinks!! I know your sister felt your presence!!
    Be well. And keep the letters coming!
    Sis Peterson 👍


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