3 Months Down!!

3 months down! 21 more to go!
I like to look at is as 1/8 of the way! I’m going to tell you this week has been one of the best ones I’ve had on the mission and it flew by! If you want me to be honest before this week I didn’t really take charge, I just kinda followed my companion and when he said let’s go we would go.  But this week I decided I’m going to change it!  I will be the one to tell him let’s go, let’s plan, let’s end the day like this,… I don’t want him to think I don’t know how to do anything on my own or that I’m lazy. I feel like its so much more fun when you are ahead of the game! I actually enjoyed going out to teach this week and I am just as excited to go back out again!
Me and Elder Badoo are doing really well. We actually still have a lot of fun and each day we learn a lot from each other. We also got to play volleyball against our branch missionaries! But don’t worry the full time missionaries kicked butt!! 🙂
So this week we invited 5 people that we have been teaching to be baptized!! They all said YES!!!,  so hopefully they continue to come to church and progress!! The date is set for November 19th so let’s pray they are ready. One thing I learned on my mission is some of the other religions way over complicate things haha. It’s kind of funny!
We had some investigators named Samuel and David who are awesome. We had their minds blown when we used the bible to show them that Papa God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are 3 different personages and that Papa God and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bone, then we went on to teach them about Satan being our brother and where we came from and they were instantly interested haha! They wanted to know more!
We also had one investigator ask us if Satan’s mother was a prostitute… I don’t know where that came from haha it had nothing to do with the lesson but me and my companion walked away laughing so hard! But that’s what some people actually believe so its really important that we clarify things to them!
But WE FOUND THE BIG SPIDER THAT WAS IN OUR ROOM!!!!! It was under my companions bed!!! It had made a massive web and he was totally chill with it haha,  so it’s still just chilling under there and we just let it live. So I guess we have a pet spider now!! so that’s fun! Oh and no one here celebrates Halloween, they have no idea what it even is. So in honor of the holiday I bought an Orange Tie this week to wear as my costume. Little things to remind you of home.
I hope everyone is doing good back home sorry I don’t really have pictures to send I’m kinda camera less right now…. Here are a couple from Elder Foote’s camera he let me have!! Love you guys talk to you next week!!

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