Hello Everyone!!

So this week on Halloween me and some of the other Elders got a few of the natives here from our branch and we carved pumpkins! When we first showed up with the pumpkins all of them were like “what are we going to cook?”haha. We all laughed and said we aren’t eating them, were carving them!!  They thought we were so dumb at first but then afterwards when we we’re all done they thought it was the coolest thing ever! THEN the next day they invited us over for dinner and we had a pumpkin stew on some rice haha…..Guess they don’t quite get it yet!!!

But this week was super cool we now have 7 candidates for Baptism but two of them stopped progressing, and one is waiting until December to be baptized. So we are for sure Baptizing 4 this month and were working on the other two for November 19th!! I am SUPER EXCITED because one of the guys involved in the baptism is James!! The guy who raised his hand while I was teaching investigators class and said he wanted to be baptized! Well we taught him and he’s ready for the 19th!! I’m super happy for him!!

Me and my companion Elder Badoo had the best lesson I have had since I got in the field the other day and it was to one of our investigators named Augustine. He is about 25 and a student at one of the universities here. He knows quite a bit about the bible and he’s a pretty religious guy but during this lesson we taught him about prophets and the restoration. The spirit was there and so strong I could even see in his face that he was feeling it too! We invited him to be baptized on the 19th and without even thinking he said yes and he showed up to church yesterday and was super excited!!

Oh and we got some new couple missionaries here in Makeni and they invited us over after church. They fed us some food and gave us Texas sheet cake for dessert. After we ate I was seriously in heaven!! It was so good but it made me feel kind of sick because it was super sweet and I haven’t had anything that sweet in 3 months haha! But honestly it was soooooo good it was worth it!!

Other than that we had a really busy week but it was a great week!! Love you guys and miss you all and I’ll talk to you next week!

sorry again about no pictures…..I guess my new camera is on the way. The picture above was sent to my mom on Facebook by Adama, a branch member here. Her family is really good to the missionaries here.  

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