Week 14- The Cat!!!!


Hello Everyone-

Well this week was rough. Probably one of the hardest ones I’ve had since I got in the field…On a good note, no transfers for us, Elder Badoo and I remain together in Makeni. I’m super good with that. Oh and the election results are all over in Africa also. I get talked to a lot about Trump winning lol.
We started out this week with 6 investigators with baptismal dates and we were getting them ready for their baptismal interview last Saturday! And I thought it was going great! Then we had 2  investigators, Samuel and David, I don’t know what happened to them but they just stopped progressing and they didn’t show up to church last week and its not the 1st time… I have personally extended 3 different baptismal dates to them but they just stopped progressing so now were holding off with them for a while…. So then we had 4 investigators for baptism! But….. Another one named Aminata started avoiding us and we don’t know why… One day we saw her walk to her house from school and so we followed her home and when we tried to see her they told us she was still at school… So we have now pushed her date to January for that and a couple other reasons… So we now have 3 baptismal candidates one of which needs a special interview by President Clawson (Mission President)…. But I guess that’s missionary work,  you never know what’s going to happen…! James is still doing great and he is one of the people getting baptized Saturday.

But on the bright side WE FOUND A CAT!!!!! Honestly everyone, cat doesn’t taste too bad haha! But I think I’ll stick with cow, pig, goat or chicken as first choices haha…. To be honest I think the the highlight of my week was killing and cooking that cat haha….To kill it my companion just stuck it in a bag and started hitting the bag against the wall…. It was pretty sad and shocking to me but all the Africans were having fun with it! A member helped us clean and cook it. She made it into a stew and put it over rice. She used the whole cat, head and all with the brain, cause that is what they do here in freaking Africa.
But anyway this week was very difficult and we had a ton of appointments but its all part of the work I guess!! I love you guys and hope everyone is doing well! I’ll talk to you guys next week!!

Shout out to all the boys back home and all over the world!! Its crazy!!!!Jaron, Jared, Myles you boys better get ready for one of the hardest but sickest adventures of your life! Just remember it doesn’t matter where you get called,  You are called to be a missionary! So get out there and work your butt off!!! And shout out to my African brother Elder Gooch I got to chat with him a little bit about our missions and we seem to have some things in common!! Love you boys!! Talk to you all next week.


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