Week 15- New Camera!!

This week was a pretty long, but super successful week! We started with a transfer and me and my companion, Elder Badoo, stayed together. The other two companionships in my district had some changes so since Elder Badoo is the district leader,  we were doing some mission work so that we could get ready to go to Freetown for a Zone Conference on Thursday!
We got to Freetown and it was pouring rain!! It was so bad we had to take off our shoes and socks and roll up our pants to walk through a part of the street. It was literally a flowing river!! It was seriously the craziest thing!! I’ll send a few pictures!!
We ended this week with a baptism!! I had the opportunity to baptize all 3 candidates!! One is named Alpha and he is only 9 years old, one is named Augustine he’s a student at one of the universities here.  I also had the opportunity to baptize James!! He is the investigator that raised his hand and told me he wanted to be baptized during the investigators class I taught!! It was the first time I’ve ever baptized someone and it was honestly so cool!! I absolutely LOVED it!!
But honestly, since I’ve gotten here sometimes things don’t go your way and plans fall through (A lot of the time) and that really sucks… Sometimes I wonder and think, asking myself “Am I just wasting my time here?” But then things like this week happen, seeing someone come to the gospel and change their whole life for good. Seeing for yourself you really are making a difference here is such a confidence boost. Honestly, as an 18 year old, I didn’t think I could change that many people, or help strengthen a branch, but I guess with faith and a lot of prayer, anything is possible. With the Lord on your side you will always Win!! I never realized how much missionaries pray… You seriously pray so much!! Anyway, slowly but surely were making some progress in the Makeni branch!!
So besides the crazy rain this week something else that happened to me and my companion. We were walking down this trail, kinda in the bush a little, and it was dark outside. It was probably like 8:30 pm. The only thing we had was a crappy little phone flashlight and then all of the sudden my companion grabbed me and stopped. He ran around the path really quickly and I was so confused. I was like “What are you doing???” He pointed down at the ground and about 6ish feet away from me on the ground was a Black Mamba (One of the most deadly snakes in the world) It was right in the middle of the path we were on! It was about 3 to 3 1\2ft long…. I wanted to get a picture of it but while I was standing there trying to grab my camera the freaking thing came at me and it moved pretty quick! I jumped to the side and took off running towards my companion and watched as the thing took off into the bushes!! It was scary, but at the same time it was super cool! Where else would I ever have the chance to see a Black Mamba. Now I understand why Elder Aurthur (my last companion) didn’t like to take short cuts through the bush when its dark out, haha! Elder Badoo and I do it all the time! At least we did. But I don’t know if we will anymore haha!
But yeah we had a crazy week but it was also a very successful week and we got a lot of things done!! I hope everything’s going good back home I love and miss all of you guys like crazy!! I love hearing from everyone so if you need anything just shoot me an email!!!
-Elder Turner

•me and elder Badoo in the cardinals shirts(Elder Foote in elder Badoos shirt haha)
•W.W.J.D. bracelets I handed out!
•The river in the streets in Freetown
•Elders with our rolled up pants and no shoes or socks
•Market where we go to buy food
•Some of the fish you buy in the market…
•Baptism pictures of me and Elder Foote and our candidates
•Me, My companion and James


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