4 Months Down!!

Sorry for the late post, we had no power at all on Monday, so we have been waiting for the power to come back on so we can email home. Life in Africa haha! So since we could not email home on P day, we played soccer! I didn’t bring any cleats, so I bought some over here. They are plastic and fit like crap, but were cheap so they worked haha.
This week was a super busy week! We seriously had so many appointments it was hard to get to them all!  We now have 4 people we are trying to prepare for baptism on the 16th of December and even one that we have scheduled for January! This week Elder Badoo and I had to take a bunch of short cuts through the bush just so we could get around faster! We also got a couple of branch missionaries to go out with us this last week, so that was nice! There are seriously so many less active members here,  it’s insane… A lot of the people who were Baptized during Ebola by the branch missionaries have gone less active or are missing… Like there are some branches here that have almost 200 less active members… In my branch even the branch mission leader was a less active haha… so were slowly trying to get him back to church and he seems to be doing alright, let’s just hope he keeps it up…
Were also having a really hard time here with home teaching… Either everyone is too lazy to do it or they say they forgot, or they just don’t really care… excuses, excuses, excuses. Another challenge to overcome. So all the people here think its the missionaries job to bring back all the less actives so they think they are doing us a favor by telling us where someone lives. They wont even go to the persons house with us when we ask… So we have been stressing to them that its not the missionaries job to work with the less actives, ask the branch members for help. We pull the Preach My Gospel on them and show them that it’s their job to help less actives and when they need more help they can call the full time missionaries haha… so that’s one thing we’ve been trying to fix but it hasn’t been working out too well…
But other than that we’ve been doing pretty good out here in Makeni! Staying busy and working hard! One thing about Africa, not much changes haha.
I hope everything back home is going well and i love hearing from everyone so if anyone ever needs something email me! I love talking to everyone!!
Anyway I Love you guys and ill talk to you next week!!
Elder Turner

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