Week 17-The Ronaldo Please!

This week has been kind of a long one… The week started off fine, we were seeing a lot of people and staying busy, but for some reason we just hit a wall on Wednesday… Like nobody was answering their phones, which is normal here. We couldn’t catch anyone at home and we just walked all over trying to find someone to visit or someone to teach… It got really frustrating and stressful. But life goes on and you just get through it and put it in the past I guess! Hopefully this week is better!
We are still working on 4 people for baptism, next week Saturday as they say in Krio haha… So hopefully we can get them ready for an interview this Saturday!!
I also got my first haircut by an African barber today and the way I explained how to cut it is kinda funny! He asked me what kind of haircut I wanted and the conversation went like this.
ME- “You sabe (know) C. Ronaldo the Futbola?”
HIM “Yeah I Sabe em!”
ME “No Wahalla Ida get that one ya”
HIM “No Wahalla”
So he cut my hair like Christiano Ronaldo. I just had to tell him no hard part, but here are some pictures of what you get in Africa when you ask for a Ronaldo haircut. haha!
So a funny story this week, my companion and I were walking down the same road with the snake from last week,  And it was dark and I couldn’t see anyone. I walked right into this lady because I literally couldn’t see her haha… she just blended in with the dark.  I just about made her fall over and she was kinda mad, I felt kinda bad… But I honestly couldn’t see her like at all. She should be the one looking out for Opoto (white man) , you can see me!!!! My companion just laughed at me. And then the next night I almost did it again to another guy,  but I dodged him just barely haha!
But yeah not too much happened this week but this picture with the Christmas tree is about the most Christmas I’ve seen this year haha…. so that sucks! Oh and there’s a picture of me and Elder Foote drinking a 3x, it’s pretty much the drink we live off of here in Africa.
Love all of you guys and I hope everything is well. I’ll talk to you guys next week!!
Love Elder Turner.
Shout out to Elder Cutter Zaugg and Sister Ally Murphy as they enter the MTC this week, Welcome to one of the hardest and best things you will ever do!!

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