Week 18

Hey everyone,  sorry I’m emailing on a different day this week! Monday we had to go to Freetown for a football match and yesterday we had zone leaders here interviewing our Baptismal candidates so I had to wait until today…
This week has been good! We’ve got some new investigators and they are very difficult and “Trangiess”  (Krio for Stubborn)…
So normally my companion and I have pretty chill investigators that we don’t really need to prove things to with the Bible.. But this week we picked up the following people:
1) A woman Pastor
2) A Recent Jehovah’s Witness
3) A man who is also a Pastor
4) A 10 year member of the Jehovah’s Witness
So we are having to really dive down into bible scriptures with them to prove our points haha,  but it’s been a good chance for me to really get into the Bible. It’s kinda fun to see their face when they realize that Mormons don’t only use the Book of Mormon,  but we also use the Bible to prove our knowledge and it totally gets them off guard! Haha. But our lessons are always so interesting,  and pretty fun, I’m not going to lie! But sometimes it’s kinda fun when they ask questions and you stand up for what you believe in, it really does give you a whole new love for how true this gospel really is!
You know to be honest I feel like I’ve changed and grown up so much since I’ve been on a mission… For example Sister Clawson gave us a lesson about how we look at commandments. She said that their are 3 levels of obedience to the commandments. You have the people who obey out of…
1.) Fear. They are afraid that if they don’t listen that something terrible will happen to them…
2.) They obey because they feel it is their duty. They feel a sense of responsibility to the point where if they don’t obey they will be judged by others….
 3.) The Obey because it is what we need to strive to do. We need to learn to Obey out of love for our Savior and as a way to exercise our faith to make us become better people and become the person God wants us to be.
 I used to look at the commandments as rules and that they restricted you from having fun… But now that I’m here I realize that it’s not like that at all. The commandments are given strictly for our own good,  and the blessings that come from following them are absolutely amazing! Now when I look back,  it makes me mad that I ever looked at the commandments as restrictions. They are not. They are given to us out of love and its very important that we strive to obey all the commandments all the time!!
But this week overall was a really good week and we have 2 people being Baptized next Saturday so that’s exciting!!
I also was able to go to a wood shop,  and I ordered a wooden name tag. He is finishing it right now so I’m stoked to see it!!  Even if I cant wear while I’m here, it’s still going to be so cool to have!! I also ordered a carving of the Gilbert Temple and left him with some pictures to copy, so we will see how he does!!
Anyway I love you all and hope the best for you. If anyone needs anything,  I’m a short 6400 miles away, or you could send a quick email, haha!
Elder Zaugg, Sister Murphy, and Sister Paulson. I  hope all is well and I’m proud of you guys. Enjoy the MTC and go get em!!!
Elder Turner

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