Week 19! Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
I cant believe its Christmas season already!! Oh wait I know why!! They don’t really do anything for Christmas and its super hot and I just sweat my butt off everyday!!!!!!
But the funny part is…. I freaking love it haha it makes you realize what Christmas is all about! Presents and all of that stuff are fun and all the decorations are super cool but none of that matters! Honestly the thing I miss the most about Christmas is just being with my family and everyone’s excitement and cheer!
This week was pretty fun actually! We did a lot of teaching and had a Baptism which went really great. It was a ton of fun to see how much people will change to follow Jesus Christ. He really brings true joy to our lives!! I took some pictures and would send but someone took the SD card out of my camera, at Church of all places. Here the largest SD card you can buy is 8 Gig  and they are really expensive. So imagine what a 32 Gig card would be worth, I have no idea but someone does! haha. Oh well, at least they left the Camera this time.
I’m going to skip to the end of the week…
So me and two American Elders decided to celebrate Christmas a little early. Last night we opened up all the boxes we each got from home with the treats. We made some food and other things and enjoyed the American sweets we miss so much. Haha, we ate the entire box of cereal I got already. It’s been so long since we had that many sweet choices, all of us were feeling it later. But it was SO WORTH IT!!!. Oh,  and they even stayed at my apartment last night and it was super fun haha! We set up a makeshift tent outside the apartment and called it camping haha! It was only the backyard but we slept outside and it was super fun!  Ill send a pic of our makeshift tent haha!
This week was awesome and I cant wait to get to talk to my family back home its going to be so good!!
Anyway I love all of you guys and wish you all the best and Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is doing well!!
Love Elder Turner

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