Week 20! Area Transfer

Hey everyone I hope you all had a good Christmas! Here it was just like a normal day,  go to Church and,  yep that’s about it haha! It didn’t even feel like Christmas,  it still feels like the middle of August!
So this week is transfer week and I am going to be moving to an area on the outside edges of Freetown called Waterloo! I’ve driven through it a couple times and it seems okay. I’m not too excited because I’ve made so many friends in Makeni. I love it here, leaving really sucks… I’m really going to miss these people so much, they have definitely changed me. I really love these people a lot and saying goodbye is really hard.. But I guess there is just some things I need to get done in Waterloo so we will have to see what it is! My new comp is going to be Elder MoMo,  hes a Nigerian so that should be fun.  They have a reputation of being hard to work with so we’ll see how it goes! I’ll just say some prayers and give it my best shot!!
So this week I got a bunch of wood carvings and they are super cool. I even had him carve the Gilbert Temple from pictures I had sent to me. I don’t really know how I’m getting them home and I probably should have thought about that earlier, haha. So mom and dad give me some ideas please!! I know you both would love all the things I got so help me out!! This week I also bought some gold and I had it melted down and had it turned into a ring!! Its pretty cool I’m not going to lie, and it was definitely worth it!!
I really enjoyed talking to my family on Christmas, it was awesome to see the little bit I could but to hear them was great! The Internet connection here is like the economy, poor at best. But it was way better than nothing so I am thankful!! I cant wait to do it again in 6 months haha!
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and kept in their minds and hearts why we truly celebrate Christmas!! I have a stronger love for the Gospel ever since coming here and I now realize how perfect it is. I know that Jesus Christ is truly the Savior and Redeemer of the world. That through him we can return to live with our Father in Heaven and have our family with us as well! I will always be grateful for all that he has done for me personally!!
But guys I love you all and if you need anything email me, like seriously I love hearing from people back home!! I hope Christmas was great for everyone and I hope all of you guys are enjoying the holidays!!!
Elder Turner

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