Week 21! Happy New Year

So this week was good but also very stressful… After Transfers I got to my new area it’s not exactly in Waterloo,  but it’s close to it I guess. We are opening up a whole new branch called the Jui branch. We have about 40 members in it right now but the stressful part is everything is new and were left all on our own… We have a new phone with no numbers in it. No investigators right now, No branch Mission leader, No branch missionaries. A new area book with No names, oh and we also have the 2nd biggest area in Freetown. My companion and I are brand new to the area and know nothing about our surroundings and don’t know any places haha. So we’ve been contacting all week and we don’t know where any of the people we contact live because we don’t know where we are in the area… it’s been super challenging.
My new companion is Elder Momoh from Nigeria and we seem to get along okay as of right now… I don’t know him yet and we are still in the new phase where we get to know each other so were both just really nice. I hope it continues, we will see how it goes !! My new area is super busy and huge. It’s just really hard to know your way around since it’s all new to us.
So just to make everyone jealous I sent a picture of my super nice and cold bucket shower that I take every day just as a reminder that I’m living the high life here in Africa. You all should be jealous!!
New years here was so fun! Guess what we did…..Nothing! We sat in our apartment and waited for the clock to hit 12 so we could say Happy New Year. Then pretty much everyone went to bed haha. Literally it still feels like the middle of August here…. it’s so hot you just sweat to death all the time haha! I forgot what it means to be cold. I can’t wait to be in an air conditioned house again but I guess this heat will have to do for now haha!
Anyway I hope you all had a great and safe new year!! IT’S 2017!!!!
I love you all and hope all is well!
Elder Turner

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