Week 23!

This week was pretty normal… But first off I’m sorry mom for not telling you about the car accident when we were chatting, I didn’t want the million questions that I knew I would get if I told you, but hey at least I told you right hahaha! The guy who hit us was a good guy and you could tell he felt really bad, a lot of people here wouldn’t feel bad at all for hitting someone haha….It has become a funny joke between my companion and I.  I’ll be like “companion guess what!?” He’ll say “What?” And I’ll be like “you got wrecked by a car and still went to church the next day haha” We will both start laughing because of some of the lame excuses we hear for why people miss church. He’s is really cautious and scared of cars on the road now though!
Nothing too exciting happened except one night we were all sitting and eating rice and cassava leaf (a normal food here haha) and we saw a decent sized rat run across our apartment floor. So we all flipped and chased it down! I threw a bucket on it and we messed with it a little bit before we killed it! Some of the elders were screaming like a bunch of little girls haha! But once we killed it we didn’t know what to do with it! We thought about just throwing it outside, someone even brought up cooking and eating it (which we seriously considered not gonna lie) haha….!!
Don’t worry mom, we didn’t eat it we decided just to throw it out! But it was a pretty exciting and funny night! Everyone was laughing and looking to see if we had any more rats but it looks okay for now!!
But this week in church we got most of our leadership established in our branch and hopefully we can finally get some help!! But my companion and I  are working hard in this area to get it running smoothly so hopefully soon we can accomplish that!! But that’s about it for this week!! I hope everyone has a good week and I love to hear from you guys!!
Love you guys,
Elder Turner.
Note – Ryland’s Birthday is next Tuesday the 24th so if you have a chance let’s fill his inbox with messages, even if it’s just a quick Happy Birthday note!!! 

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