Week 24-My Birthday !

Hello everyone!! I wanna start by saying thank you all for all the birthday wishes!! I love you guys so much and it means a lot!!
This week went pretty quick and we contacted one guy that is the smartest guy I have met since coming on my mission…..
So they call him Apostle/Prophet Timothy…. Yes people actually call him that…. So me and my companion went to him thinking it was going to be another one of the guys who quotes random scripture with the wrong verses and all that, but when we showed up I was shocked. This guy has studied the Bible like the back of his hand, he’s studied the Muslim Quran in Arabic and English, and he’s studied the whole book of Mormon. He even told us the whole story of Joseph Smith and also the story of Lehi’s vision and everything and it was all correct. He started his own church at 15 years old and has been in it for over 20 years…. This guy was amazing. He blew our minds… The only bad part- He has so many false doctrines stuck in his head that he believes to be true, but his main focus was the Sabbath day and how it should still be Saturday. He says the Romans changed it and should not have. He also still believes in the law of Moses and other things like that. He said unless we show him biblical proof he won’t believe us but he wants us to prove to him why the Sabbath should be on Sunday and back it up with the Bible…. So next time we go back the only thing I could find was the last 10 verses in Galatians Chapter 3 about it all being changed because of Jesus Christ. So I hope that’s proof enough and if not it’s going to be hard to help him understand… We will just go for it I guess and pray the Spirit touches his heart! Just testify of the simple things and keep going!!
But that was a pretty cool meeting, I really enjoyed listening to him!! We planned for a 30 minute lesson and we were there for 2 hours!!! It was crazy!! But that was the cool part of my week!!
I hope everyone is doing well and thank you again for the birthday wishes!!! I actually almost forgot it was my birthday until a couple of days ago. I love you guys!!!!
Elder Turner

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