6 Months Already!!

6 MONTHS ALREADY!!!! Wow I can’t believe it’s been that long… I feel like I’ve been gone forever, but when I think about it I feel like I just got on the plane yesterday…. It’s literally crazy! There is no way to describe time while on a mission!!
I’m so grateful for the people I have come to love these past 6 months. The people here can be loud and obnoxious, but the love you will find in these people is incredible. They are so accepting of everyone, from everywhere, and they are always willing to help. You always have someone to back you up when you need it, even if it’s a complete stranger. I am coming to understand the phrase “Never Alone in Sierra Leone!” I know I’m here to teach these people but when I look at it all, I’m learning way more from them then I could ever teach. I will always love them for that.
This week was pretty good!! I’m sure everyone’s heard we had a broadcast this week that changed our daily missionary schedule and our key indicators! The church has now given missionaries the agency to choose the best mission schedule that fits their areas! Personally, I love the idea! The goal is it will help with the mission to home life transition. So when missionaries go home they can plan their days to fit in daily scripture study and use time more wisely! But what comes along with this is a great amount of responsibility, so we will see how the world handles the change! And the idea of changing the key indicators is for missionaries to quit focusing on how many lessons are taught and start focusing on the people. It’s not about the numbers. I love the changes they have made!!
Other than that everything here is going great! We now have another progressing investigator which is awesome!! So we have plenty of people to teach! Sadly the “apostle” Timothy is just wasting our time and won’t listen to the spirit so I told my companion we were done with him… My companion wants to try one more time.  So we might go once more but if he won’t listen then we’re done with him… But we are doing great here and we now have 15 people progressing toward baptism. I pray all the time they have the desire to keep progressing!! This area is very large and difficult to cover but we’re doing good here!!
Oh and one last funny/sad story is we were walking on the side of the road this week and all of a sudden in front of us a huge fight broke out. We didn’t know what to do so we just watched for a minute, apparently a guy was caught stealing from someone and so I was taught what they do here. When someone is caught stealing,  before you take them to the police station,  they beat the crap out of you until you’re almost unconscious,  and then they will turn you in… Guess that’s one way for people to learn a hard lesson hahaha… DONT STEAL!! (Daddy God de tell we se stealing noto fine, he de punish we for whatin we de do)
Anyway that was my week, and oh thanks mom for the Nerf guns and cake mix, they were awesome and we had a total Nerf war. My African companions absolutely loved it!!!!
Love you guys and I’ll talk to you next week!!
Me cooking and crushing onions and pepe (peppers)
Bagged water (we don’t have bottled water here)
The new shoes and jersey I got for my birthday thanks grandma and parents
All the Rest. Birthday cake and Nerf war party!!!!!!

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