Week 26!

So this week was a pretty good week! It was also transfer’s! But nothing much to say about that, I’m still with Elder Momoh and we are still in the same area. The only difference, we moved apartments! We moved from the Grafton apartments to the Hastings apartments, about 2 miles away! Not much of a change!
So if you want to hear another time I thought I was going to die, Let me tell you one experience from this week!!  🙂
So we were going to town to buy some things for the apartment and traffic got super bad. From out of nowhere, because that’s kinda what happens here, our driver decided he didn’t want to wait. So he cut traffic and hopped over the center divider and started driving into oncoming traffic! I literally was flipping out! Like we weren’t going slow either! It was almost like one of those action movies, just real life and a lot scarier!!! Everyone in the car was yelling at the driver but he didn’t really care! Man people are crazy!! But I’m still here so I guess it’s okay, we will just make sure we don’t get into that car again!!
Today we also saw a huge bus that drove into a ditch. Everyone got out and just stood around but there was nothing they could do. So everyone just left and found another car to ride in. The bus is still just hanging out there!! This place is so crazy haha!!
In a lesson we had this week we had one kid come over and he was being annoying and totally killing the spirit! He’s about 5 years old haha, so I understand! I told him to come sit down and I pulled out a journal with my pen, I told him to draw a picture. The whole family was laughing when he tried because it was his first time trying to draw! But I’ll send one of his pictures!! I have to admit he did good, and he was quiet the whole rest of the lesson. So it worked!
We also had a chance to go to a funeral service on Sunday… It’s my second one here in Sierra Leone and they are really sad here, especially the burial, because most people here don’t know they will see the person again… So getting the chance to explain that to people was amazing! I’m so grateful that I can be with the people I will love forever. And I’m especially thankful for this gospel and all the knowledge it brings us about families.
Those were the excitements of my week!!! I love you guys and hope all is well!!! Talk to you next week.
Elder Turner

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