Week 27!

Hello everyone! This week was a very busy week! We are having a baptism coming up on February 25th so we’ve been trying to get our candidates ready for their interview this coming Saturday! So we’ve been also filling their records and it’s a lot of work to fill a record here, especially when a lot of people here don’t know their birth date.  They don’t have certificates because they were born in a village. And with Ebola, it killed a lot of people so some don’t have any way of finding their birth date, so it’s kinda difficult for us! They also need to find their parents birth date, which is even more difficult! So it’s very difficult to fill the records completely but that’s what we’ve been working on this week!
Nothing too crazy happened this week, just a typical week in Africa ha! We did play football against some members this week, which was a ton of fun, but it got kinda intense!
I’m sending a few pictures, the big spider we found in our apartment, a few of the market we buy food at, as well as some cow fat and cow skin and other things we eat!!
Love you guys and I hope you have an amazing week!!

One thought on “Week 27!

  1. You are looking great Elder T!!!! Keep up the great work 🙂 and positive attitude – I can not believe it has been 26 weeks!!! WOW so fast for us right 😉

    Be Well – Take Care!!

    Sis Peterson


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