Week 28


Wow this week was crazy busy!!
We were still running around trying to get all the records filled this week for our baptismal interviews that happened Saturday (they all went well!) And just as we almost had them all done we get a phone call from our zone leaders… They called an exchange with me and my companion! So Elder Momoh went to the zone leaders area in a different part of Waterloo and the other zone leader, Elder Udowong from Nigeria came and stayed with me over night. Honestly at first I was a little mad that they called an exchange right before our interviews but then once we started me and the zone leader got along so well and we had so much fun!
So while I was with Elder Udowong we were walking down the street and guess who we saw…. APOSTLE TIMOTHY! From a couple weeks ago haha! He was on his balcony staring us down and so we decided to go talk with him a bit.  I told the zone leader to get ready haha! So we went and the conversation got a little heated about an hour and a half in so we just ended the discussion haha! The zone leader was wanting to go back to him the next day but we ran out of time! Then the next morning we all went with the zone leaders and the two APS to see a pastor that the APS contacted and we had a lot of fun!! So this week was definitely a success! Oh and we also made a huge bowl of food!!!!
We have some baptisms this next week and I’m so excited!!!   We have Amera, Adams, and Rebecca (a family).  Then there is Princess and Mamie Dumbuya (their father is Prince Dumbuya.  He is a less active but his kids always come to church)  Fatmata Jalloh and Pricilia are their neighbors.  Dauda who has been coming to church for years now and Momoh who has been coming to church for a few weeks.  We also have 9 year old twins named Abagail and Isa that need special interviews so we are praying for them to get the okay.  There’s a possibility I will get to baptize so I’m stoked!! Anyway that was my week.
I love you guys!!

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