Week 29




So this week was awesome! We were super busy with preparations for our baptisms. We had some last minute interviews and things but it was all worth it!! Last Saturday, February 25,  I had the opportunity of baptizing 14 amazing people!  Some were a little nervous and one of the twins started to cry as she entered the water because they are scared of water. No one here can swim and they think they could drown.  But it was ok, I kept telling them “small small”.  This means a lot of things here but in this circumstance it meant “it will be okay” and it was!  We baptized them all in a rectangular pool outside that we fill with water, and its always cold.   They were all confirmed the following day by people in our branch !! The one thing that amazes me every time we have a baptism here is you can always see the difference in every person right after they come out of that water! You can see the happiness in them! They know it’s true and they have a real desire to grow and there no greater feeling then watching them be happy and blend right into the crowd of members!
The confirmations took so long on Sunday during sacrament meeting that they had to cancel the speakers and the intermediary hymn haha! Me and my companion had members coming up to us after sacrament telling us we have made history in the branch and they will never forget it! It was awesome! We had a few members attend the baptism as well which is super rare here! So it was just an awesome week!!
Oh and we met a 32 year Jehovah’s witness this week that were super excited to see!! So we will see how it goes but he gave me a pamphlet in full krio and it’s super fun to read so I sent a pic of a little piece of it for all those who would like to try to read a bit of krio haha!! So enjoy!!
One interesting story that also happened just last night!  Apparently we heard some witchcraft lady outside our apartment last night at like 12:30.  It was kinda scary because it was right after I had woken up from a nightmare (first nightmare on the mission btw) where I was being chased by demons haha! It was hot and some crazy lady was screaming and so I just started reading my scriptures because I couldnt sleep.. .probably around 1 am.  She wasn’t really saying anything, she was just walking up and down our apartment wall screaming super loud and the whole time I had this weird feeling.  Later I found out my companion was awake the same time too and he had the same feeling.  A branch missionary came over the next morning and said thats the witch call and they do that when they are trying to curse people or something like that hahaha….it was pretty sketch but nothing happened so that was an eventful night.
Shout out to sister Hicks and Sister Jolly as they start their mission journey!!  Now I know I’m normally not the one to share scripture but as I was studying this week I came across a great missionary scripture that I really liked it’s out of 2 Timothy chapter 4 verses 2-8! So Sister Hicks and Sister Jolly go get ’em!!  They’re out there waiting for you!!
This week has been amazing and I hope everyone is doing well!! Love you all and hope you have an awesome week!!

Elda Turna


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