Week 30

Hey everyone!! So this week was a pretty good but a pretty busy one. We had to put all of our baptisms into the computer because our clerk didn’t come to church.  Guess we have him too much work and we scared him off!  So looks like we will be making a stop over there this week.  So now back to square one finding more people to teach!  Yes, we have a few we are seeing but we don’t know if they are serious yet or not so we will wait and see!
Honestly nothing too exciting this week just a whole lot of walking! They finally paved roads around this place so it’s a lot better than dirt!! So that’s exciting!!
Oh today we had a pretty interesting car ride! We flagged down a school bus stuffed full of people to give us a ride and there were no more seats so they just started letting people in and had them all stand.  Everyone was tipping and falling over and it was pretty fun until we got to the bumpy dirt road!  It was a kinda cool experience actually!  But other than that it’s still the hottest part of the year here so its still super hot and humid and you’re always sweating!!  But rainy seasons coming so we’re looking forward to that  sometime in March!!  They say that the mangos are awesome here in rainy season!
Also today we went to the market and I bought a 2016 Golden State Warriors Championship hat and shirt.  I thought it was funny because they didn’t win lol!  I guess thats what they do, just ship it all to Africa, nobody knows haha.  The hat says “Back to Back Champs” lol!  I paid 20,000 Leone’s for it so like 4 bucks!  Its actually really nice.  Anyway I love everyone and hope all is well!!!!  Here’s some pics of me and my comp Elder Momoh and my room!

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