Week 31

Hey guys!
How is everyone doing?  This week was pretty sweet! We had a zone activity as well as a zone conference so it was busy successful week!  For our activity we got to go to Kent Beach! It’s one of the nicest beaches here in Salone, so it was a lot of fun! We couldn’t get in the water or anything like that but it was nice to mess around in the sand and hangout for a bit!  It is the most fun I have had in awhile!
Our zone conference was sweet! We had a lesson based off of Alma 23-24 in the Book of Mormon talking about the anti Nephi Lehi’s. This is the chapter where they throw down their weapons of war and refuse to take them up again. We were shown a picture of the scene and in the picture it showed they were putting down swords and their shields as well.  It really hit me, when you focus on the picture and realize they weren’t only saying they weren’t going to fight anymore but they were saying they weren’t going to contend at all.  They were only relying on the Lord to be their defense.  We were then asked “what are the weapons we need to bury in our lives to have success?”  This hit me hard and I’ve been really thinking about it lately .  So I wanna ask you that question.  What are your weapons that you need to lay down?  Maybe an emotional thing like pride or it could be a physical object but what do we need to lay down to have success in our lives?
Anyway, that was my week nothing too crazy happened but it sure was a good one!!  I love you all and hope to hear from some of you soon!  Happy Birthday Jaron and Hunter!

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