Week 32

Hey everyone I hope you all had an awesome week!!
This week was transfer week so we’ve all been waiting to see where we go.  My companion was a little sad when he didn’t go anywhere, he just got moved to the area right next to ours haha.  He just needs to move his stuff to the other room in the apartment and he’s done haha!  As for me, I was assigned to train a new incoming missionary which I’m nervous about.  I will see who it is on Wednesday so until then I will be at the mission home.  I know I was assigned to do that for a reason so we will see how it goes!!  I still have times where I sometimes don’t understand people but Elder Momoh told me not to worry about it because you learn the language so much better and faster when you train.
So we have a little kid in our branch that is like 3 and he says “yu don put pepe na me eye” all the time and I die every time haha.  Its like you stabbed me in the back but in little kid Krio way!
One thing I’ve always been told to do is carry some extra toilet paper in my bag and it sounds like a funny, kinda dumb thing to do, but I just do it anyway.  I don’t think many missionaries actually do that but I do haha and now I know why!  This week we went to our chapel for a meeting and me and my comp both had to go to the bathroom so bad but the doors were locked.   There is one place out back we can go and let’s just say we were blessed to have the toilet paper otherwise we would have to use our hand and some water!!!   Here’s a little picture of the bathroom just incase you guys were wondering why we couldn’t use it haha!  Me and my companion have seriously joked about it all week!
And the final picture with Elder Momoh as my comp…
Hope everyone has a good week and I’ll let you know is who my new companion is next week!!

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