Week 33 – New Companion


Hey everyone!! This week was a super busy but super sweet one! I went to pick up the new missionary I will be training on Wednesday and his name is Elder Ragogo!!  He’s from Fiji!!! He’s a stud!  We really seem to get along great and he seems to be enjoying his mission so far! So I think we will have some good times together!!  He’s super open and friendly and just all around awesome! 

So I went and stayed in the mission home on Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon and guess what!?!  I got to sleep in an air conditioned room!!!!  Awesome right….. No.  Not awesome, I freaking froze my butt off.  A blanket didn’t even help me!  I don’t know how I’m going to survive Utah for school.  Let’s just say I’ll have some adjusting to do.  Oh well! And the streak continues…  I haven’t taken a shower in almost 8 months!  Just bucket baths.  I cant wait for the people to smell me.
The pictures I took from the mission home are of me and Elder Ragogo and the other is me, Elder Cluff, and our AP Elder Smith with his huge eye!  Elder Smith has some thing moving around in his face haha wherever it is its super swollen and its in a different place everyday!  It started in his wrist I think and it just moves.  He has seen a doctor and I guess they are trying to figure it out.  His companion always jokes that he hit him hahaha its a perfect set up lol  Elder Smith is just chill about it.  Not worried at all haha he will be fine!
I  took Elder Ragogo to the really expensive super market this week and he didn’t buy much because its so expensive!  I bought a massive bag of rice a couple weeks ago with Elder Momoh and we have that in the apartment and everyone just takes from it whenever.  We are all getting sick of it but that’s literally all there is here.
But we had a great week this week!  We saw quite a few people!  I even took him to his first pastor on his second day in the field!  Pastor Steve. We were both a little nervous but it went great!  He said he wants to come visit the church one day!  So we will keep it up and see if he listens!!  We don’t have a lot of investigators right now.  Turns out none were serious so we are trying to find some serious ones to work with.  It sucks starting from the bottom with finding people to teach, its the hardest part.  But other than that it sure was a great week!! Hope everyone is doing well,  I’d love to hear from you guys!!!!

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