Week 35- James the Monkey

Hello everyone!! I hope all is well over in good ol’ G-town or wherever you are reading this from!  This week was a good one!!  We met a few new people that we are trying to teach so should hopefully be getting some serious investigators now!!  Some of those are…
-Abdul is one of our recent converts husband’s.   I can’t tell how serious he is but his wife is kinda forcing him a little bit I feel like haha!
-Daniel was taught before Ebola and is so smart.  He knows everything about all the      lessons but won’t be baptized because of a respect thing for his father.  His father is higher up in the Methodist Church, but Daniel knows it’s true! He’s literally so smart! We tried to teach him lesson 1 and he said he doesn’t need it he knows it all… I was like okay let me test you then and he handed me the book.   I asked “When was Joseph Smith given the priesthood?”  He answered “come on that’s easy 1829″… We kept going and he knew everything!  I was mind blown!!!!  He’s awesome and he could really help our branch and that’s the only issue!  So I think we will try to use a few scriptures about following Christ like Matt.10:36-40 and a few others and try to help him understand.
-Aminata is friends to some of our recent converts she speaks strictly Krio and isn’t very educated but she wants to know more about the gospel!
-Francis is an older guy who is super smart and seems to have a bit of money.  He wants to know more about the church and he even started crying when we gave him a Book of Mormon!!  It was sweet!
So this week I was talking with Elder Cluff and he showed me something I really like a lot that I feel we can learn from!  It’s of a woman’s testimony growing.  Its in John chapter 4 when Jesus asks the woman of Samaria for a drink.  First you need to understand the Jews and Samarians didn’t get along, like at all.  But first she calls Jesus Christ a “Jew”(vs.9) then later she calls him “Sir”(vs. 11&15) then a “Prophet”(vs. 19) later in the same chapter she calls him “Christ”(vs 29) and lastly she calls him “the Christ the Savior of the world”(vs 42).
From one simple conversation she gained a testimony of the Savior of the world and his power.  That’s what we’re out to help people understand in our world today.  And it can all start with a simple conversation!!
Lastly, here’s a picture of my friend that I met!  His name is James (the monkey) and he seems like a very serious investigator 🙂
Anyway love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!!

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