Week 36- Happy Easter

Hello everyone!! How is life? This week was just a typical week here in good ol’ Salone! You know heat, sweat, rice, and Krio! Man I am enjoying it!
So yesterday we went into Freetown with our Zone and played American football and basketball and I haven’t played that in a long time!!!!  It was seriously so fun!  We had all these little kids watching us.  We played multiple games, it was sweet because me and Elder Cluff were the captains haha! We were the captains for football and basketball so we got a little competitive just for fun.  It was a good time!!
I hope everyone had an amazing Easter week!! Easter here in Sierra Leone is not really talked about too much.  I think they announced it in sacrament and that’s about it.  The people understand the meaning of Easter but they don’t celebrate much.  That’s okay it’s given me time to reflect on myself and think of what the Savior has done for me in my life.  Without this gospel I don’t know where I would be.  Because of the Saviors sacrifice for us, out of pure love, we are able to completely change who we were and strive towards perfection.  The Atonement has changed my life so much and I will forever be grateful for it in my life.  It is through him that we have the pure joy that comes from the gospel and we have the ability to overcome temptations and weaknesses. He lives and loves each and every single one of us.  That I know is true and I’ve seen his hand in my life.  My challenge to you is look around and try to recognize his hand in your life.  You will feel the pure joy that comes from him.  But I hope everyone had an amazing Easter week!!
As for me we had a different kind of celebration. We decided to try a little bit of monkey (not James)! Everyone here says monkey is so sweet so we had to give it a shot!  And I would agree it is sweet!  It tastes a little like regular beef but it’s super tough to chew!  They kill it and cook it in the bush.  A member got it for us and then we took it and fried the heck out of it so its all good!!!  Pretty crazy but I don’t think I’ll do it again haha!  I think that makes it to the top of the craziest things I’ve eaten in Africa list!!
And one picture is my companion with our African missionary issues -his mosquito net fell down on him haha!  Everyone in the Ghana MTC says “you will enjoy” and our AP’s say “you will suffer” so its kinda our joke haha because out here it is literally surviving and endured suffering lol
Anyway, I love you all and if you need anything feel free to shoot me an email!!  Talk to you guys soon!!!!

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