Week 37 – Read the Book of Mormon

Hello people! Hope everyone had an awesome week!! This week was another good one here In Sierra Leone! You know just humidity, sweating, and teaching!! Doesn’t get any better than this!!
This week we extended 3 baptismal dates to three of our investigators! Abdul Kamara, Fatmata Koroma, and James Masaquoi! We’re so excited for for them and we have given them the date of May 13th! There are a few others that we are working on as well that could possibly be joining them on that day! We will see how they do!!
Me and Elder Ragogo are working hard and trying to find some good priesthood holders to really strengthen the Jui Branch!
This week I came to realize how other people see our church here and it’s kinda sad. Here the people spread the rumor that 1. The Book of Mormon is a devil book  2. That we worship Joseph Smith and not God, and  3. We don’t believe in the Bible… (There’s more but those are the main ones we get). We sat down in one lesson with 5 different people who joined and when we talked about Joseph Smith and they all had the thought of those 3 things and it was really sad.  Here as a missionary you spend so much time studying the truth to go out and find that people don’t even have a clue what the truth is.  They see it as something else.  One thing I love to show them is my favorite scripture out of the Book of Mormon which I’m sure some of you may know already. Its from the book of 2 Nephi 33:10.
10. “And now my beloved brethren and also Jew, and all he ends of the earth, hearken into these words and believe in Christ; and if you believe not in these words believe in Christ.  And if he shall believe in Christ he will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ,  and he hath given them unto me;  and they teach all men that they should do good.”
Now normally I would continue but that verse right there sums up the Book of Mormon. I don’t care if you are a member of the church or not.  I challenge each and every single one of you to please get a copy of the Book of Mormon and read it.  And if you have one read it more often!  There’s always more time we can give to read it!  Give it a try.  I promise you will gain you’re own testimony of the truth of this book and all the blessings that come with it.  I know this book is the truest book on this earth and if used hand in hand with the Bible it will reveal the truth of all things. This I know to be true.
I love you guys so much and I hope everyone had the best week ever and that it will continue into next week!! Talk to you soon!!!!
And shout out to Elder Peterson for the awesome customized 3 transfer planner he made and had sent to me!!  Love you brother!! Also, to soon to be Elder Jeff’s!!  Keep working brother the work is sweet!  Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

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