Week 38- A wedding

Wassup people!?!  I hope everyone had an awesome week!  Before I say anything I wanna congratulate Kayla and Nelson Rock on their Wedding Day!!!!  I hope your day was as special as you dreamed it would be!!!
Here in Sierra Leone West Africa we also had a pretty sweet week!
To be honest the beginning of the week was really slow and we could not catch anybody at home and we were getting a little frustrated.  Even the appointments we called and scheduled were falling through so we just tried our best to track down some people to teach this week and we did have some success!  Here you don’t knock doors.  You walk to the door and say “knock knock”… and most of the time nobody!
Later in the week we had the chance to go to one of our recent converts weddings.  The ceremony was super cool and the smile on her face was awesome!  They had some food (rice) and some decorations.  It made me a little sad to miss Kaylas but we were so happy to be invited to this one!  But as for the reception… yeah that’s another story haha!   But  we had a really good time and it made us so happy!  The best part is…. she married one of our investigators who is going to be baptized on the 13th!!  So it’s pretty sweet!  They’ve worked really hard towards this wedding and we’re so happy it worked out so nice for them!  Most people here are not sealed in a temple.  The closest temple is in Accra Ghana and most cannot afford to go there.  But these two have a plan to go in a couple years so I hope it works out!!
Anyway that was the excitement of my week! I love you all and hope you all have an amazing week!!!

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