Week 40- Stranded


Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there!!  I don’t know how you do it, but thank you for all you guys do for everyone!!!  So after Skyping our families Saturday, we left the mission home around 10pm.  haha getting back that night was a little rough! We found a car to take us but half way back it broke down and wouldn’t start so it took an extra hour to flag down another car.  The driver was chill though and and he helped us flag down another car.  He didn’t want to leave us because where it broke down is a one of the sketchiest parts of Freetown.  So we gave him a little extra money because he was so cool.  I guess his fuel pump was bad so it just kept dying so there really wasn’t anything we could do that night.  There are not very many cars out at night so it took so long to find another one.  Its kinda like hitchhiking haha  So we found another one and just hopped in car.  If we hadn’t found another car we would have been screwed because it would have taken hours.  So we got home around midnight.
So this week was a little rough… we walked a lot and didn’t really find anyone at home all week so it was a pretty bad week.
 Just to give you one thing that really upset me this week was we were supposed to have 3 people being baptized on Saturday.  They were all interviewed and ready to go but when the day came for the baptism one of our candidates boyfriends wanted to be the Baptist for our candidate.  Now normally this is fine, except we know he is not worthy, so when we told him he could not do the baptism he freaked on us!  Apparently the branch allowed him to bless his new baby boy (he wasn’t supposed to) so when we told him no he got very upset and made us call the branch and mission presidents to explain why. Anyway,  long story short he walked in the room in the middle of the meeting and told his girlfriend to go change and made her leave her own baptism!!!!   I was like what the heck!!  So I pulled him to the side and had a 30 minute conversation with him about how baptism is a saving ordinance and he doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow so he shouldn’t hold her back and he seemed to understand.  Then as soon as we finished talking he grabbed the girl and left and didn’t even care!  He said she will wait to be baptized until HE is worthy (which sad to say probably won’t be for a long time…)  So that morning was kinda hard on us.
 But on the bright side we had two great men both be baptized and they recieved the priesthood this weekend!! Bro James and Bro Abdul!! They’re super awesome!! One is from the wedding photos a few weeks ago.
Anyway that’s about it for my week I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!!!!

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