Week 41- Police in Jui

Hey everyone!  Its summer time!  Well for you… here it’s rain time!!  This week was a good one in the Jui branch/area!  We’re spending a lot of time contacting to try to find priesthood holders for our branch because we can see we are lacking in numbers of them but we’re working hard to find anyone!!
We met one man named Amara and he told us his brother has quit going to his church and he’s asking us to come meet with him so we will see what we can do to help with that one!  Seems like a golden opportunity to me!!
So this week we’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff happen in Jui.  A couple fights and a car accident so we’ve seen a ton of police around lately.  One day this week we were passing through Jui Junction and there was a huge mob around a man surrounded by police right where we needed to go.  As we were walking around we had a ton of the people in the crowd look at us and say “it’s one of your members!”  I was like what am I supposed to do… Well I couldn’t just leave like I didn’t care about one of our members so I told my companion to stop and we pushed through all the people into the middle.  I got in between one of our recent converts and the police and separated everyone and talked to the police to see what happened.  While I was talking to the police our member just walked home.  A white man is a pretty good distraction I guess haha!
To show you how corrupt the police are here, what happened was our member parked a bike in the wrong place and when the police asked for money he didn’t have any so they tried to take him to jail. The 5 cops through him on the ground ripped his shirt and they took his bike and said either he pays 250,000 Leone’s or he comes to the station and spends 6 months in prison!!!!   250,000 Leones is like $35 which is a lot here.  All for parking a bike somewhere… like what!?!  The police just try to scam and be tricky here.  Just a note my branch president was able to get the bike back for him.  He is one of my favorite converts here so I was happy.
Anyway I hope all is well back home and everyone is doing great!! I love you all!! Have an awesome week!! If you ever need anything shoot me an email id love to hear from anyone!!!

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