Week 43- Hiking



Whats up my people!?  10 Months gone already!  Theres no way to explain time
on a mission.  Part of me feels like I left last week and the other
part of me feels like back home was just a dream of Heaven.  But anyway,
now I’m just enjoying the rainy season here!  It’s starting up and I can’t
wait for the rain to start pouring so it can cool off a little bit.
The dry season here is rough!   For those who don’t know much
about this country (Im going to assume is 99% of you)… here we have 2
seasons.  Rainy and dry.   Each one lasts 6 months.  And we are just starting to hit the rainy season again here!  So a lot of us missionaries here are stoked!
This was another week where nothing much has happened but i think its
because I’ve spent 6 months in this area now so everything is just feels the
same but transfers are called this next Saturday so we will see how it
goes!   I have really come to love my branch and the people
in it but I’m hoping for a change of scenery.  If not… all is well.  That
means the Lord has more for me to do here so I will keep on going!  I’ll
keep you all updated!
Our district, Kossoh Town, did get to go on a little hike today which was fun!  It’s only 3 miles to the bottom of the trail from our apartment.  It was actually Queen
Elizabeths underground house that she had built here.  Why she had it, I don’t
know but she did haha!  It has since been blocked and torn apart and
its now pretty much a cave so we decided to go inside.  It was a ton
of fun!  I saved it for last since its about the only thing to do here.                                              I have plenty of pictures too so don’t worry Mom and Dad.  And I did not eat any bat!
Anyway I love you all have an amazing week and if you need anything
feel free to shoot an email over!!

Elder Turner


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