Week 44 – No transfer and Fatmata got Baptized

Hello everyone,  so I don’t have a lot of time today but pretty much what happened with transfers is… nothing haha!  I’m still here in the Jui Branch which means I’ll be at least 7 1/2 months in this area!!  Although I was hoping for a little change I guess there’s more the Lord needs from me here, so I will just keep it up!!  My companion is still Elder Ragogo which is sweet, we get along great, I really love my guy!  We will be getting a new Elder in the house though.  One Elder in our apartment is getting moved to Makeni so we heard we will be getting someone new fresh out of the mtc!
The highlight of my week is we finally got to baptize the woman who was pulled out of her baptism about a month ago by her boyfriend!  Well since the last time he agreed to let her get baptized so on Saturday Sister Fatmata was finally baptized and it was great!!! I still think her boyfriend was a little bugged that he wasn’t doing it but he is over it.  Anyway that was my week hope all is well sorry it’s not very long this week but we got invited to the branch presidents house for dinner!!!  Last time we ate shwarma.  Its kinda like a burrito I guess. But there is NO RICE in it.  That is probably why I love it so much haha  Its like meat, fried or boiled egg, some onions, peppers, ketchup, mayo, and some other stuff…  well love you all!!
Elder Turner
(Elder Rogers from Gilbert High School)
(Elder Smith goes home today)
(Check out that clean baptismal water)

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