Week 45- Big News in the Mission

Hey everyone I hope you all had a great week!!
We recently got some big news here in the mission!!!!   They have decided to open up part of Guinea and it’ll become part of this mission!!!  So some of us may be transferred there.  The hard part about that is Guinea is French speaking country!  We all came here as a English speaking mission. We learned no language in the Mtc.  We have picked up some languages they speak here but not French… I don’t know how it will work lol some of us will probably need to learn.  I can pick up French fries but idk about the language hahaha!  But I would go if they ask.  Why not, that just means God wants me there.  The country is 85% Muslim and 8% Christian.
Here in the Jui Branch we had a busy week! So the past 6 months I have had the second biggest area in the mission and we finally got 2 more elders to help us cover our huge area!  It’s such a big help and stress relief for me and my companion.  So this week we have been showing the new elders their new area and a few people and it’s been really good!  We have a new elder in our apartment.  He is from Nigeria.  I cant really tell you his name because I don’t really know how to spell it. Its like Elder Nwauhiara…
Also Elder Spaulding came back to Salone!  He was one of the elder who was injured in the car accident on our first day here.  So thats sweet.  He got sent to our area and he is only 2 miles away! We went to visit him and his companion.  So question….What the freak is a fidget spinner? Elder Spaulding brought one and it was the weirdest thing ever!  I played with one today and this is the coolest/stupidest things ever hahahaha!  Yet slightly entertaining.
We also brought out the American football one day this week and went outside the apartment and had some fun with the kids and we had a blast and they keep asking to do it again so we are going to have to play again this week but we all had a blast!!
We are also starting a choir in our new branch so that should be interesting because for all who know me I have no musical talent at all so this will be fun haha! Anyway congrats to Elder Jake Lunt for completing his mission! Love you bro!! I hope you all have a great week, I’m in a ping pong tournament at the moment but if you need ever need anything shoot me an email!!!

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