Week 46- Splits with Elder Evans

Wassup my opoto friends! I hope everyone had a stellar week and all is well with everyone!!
This week was a pretty great week here! To start off this week we had our first branch choir practice and let’s just say that BMT (black man time) is a real issue here… So we planned our practice to be at 5 o’clock and nobody showed up until about 7 at night…. It was so ridiculous but hey that’s Sierra Leone for you! I mean at least people showed up that was nice of them! We had a really good practice and the song went very well on Sunday! We even got asked to sing at our district fireside in a couple weeks so that’ll be interesting haha!
That same day we went on splits with the zone leaders and I got to go out with elder Evans! He’s a super super cool guy and by far the best zone leader I’ve ever had and we had a lot of fun together! We even helped one of our members hand wash all her and her families clothes and hang them and all of that which not a lot of people here will let two white men help them work so it was a lot of fun!!!
Anyway nothing too exciting but it was definitely a good week full of work!! I love you all and feel free to send me emails no matter who you are I love to hear from everyone!!! Make it an awesome week!!!

One thought on “Week 46- Splits with Elder Evans

  1. Wow. You are almost at one year!!!! That’s is so crazy. And so Good to hear how happy you are!!! Need you to do something for me. If possible. Impress on jaron and hunter the importance of reading Book of Mormon and being obedient !! Jaron is struggling with finding joy in serving. And hunter is trying to prepare to submit his mission paperwork!!!! I know they love you and will listen!!
    Keep doing what you are doing and continue to BE Happy!! Your letters are so good to receive each week 😊
    Love your family!’
    Sis Beth Peterson


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