Week 47- Happy Fourth!

Hello everyone who still cares about reading my emails… It’s 4th of July already!! That means we’ve officially reached our 11 months mark on the mission! I can still remember perfectly what I was doing last 4th of July and how much fun it was so I hope everyone has a sweet day!!  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…..
Anyway, this week was a pretty great one.  We found quite a bit of new people to teach this week and even better we had 10 investigators show up to church this week!! We’ve been struggling with getting people to church lately but this week we had an amazing turnout and the investigators class was so sweet!! So many good questions!!  For those who don’t know yet they have a class specifically for investigators to sit down and ask any question they want about the church or the gospel just anything they want to ask! But this week we had a sweet class with so many great questions!
I also got to go on exchanges with our district leader last Wednesday and I went over to his area and it was super sweet! We had a blast and had a lot of people to see! I knew a lot of his area because it’s part of my area that was split last transfer so I know his area pretty well!
As for exciting things,  just a whole lot of rain and humidity so I hope everyone is enjoying the 120+ degrees….
That’s about all I got for this week tho… I hope everyone is doing well and I’d love to hear from anyone and everyone so feel free to shoot me some emails!! Love you all!

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