Week 48- Sister Abagail


Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing amazing and are enjoying the cool weather in whatever place you all left Arizona to get to!  For all those still stuck in Arizona I am very sorry, but if it makes you feel better I bet I’m sweating just as bad as you are in this humidity the only difference is yours dries haha…. Anyway let’s get into this exciting week here.
So this last week was a pretty great one!  To start off we got quite a few people at church this week and it was so awesome.  We had an investigator class that literally lasted almost 2 hours because there were so many good questions coming at us we just couldn’t stop!  What made church even better is we are starting a mission preparation class here every Sunday after church!  Now, they have this class already but the teacher only shows up once in a while so it kinda just died  but the district thinks they are going on.  So we decided to do it ourselves and it was super good!  I got a nice little surprise that made me so happy.  One of my recent converts Sister Abagail said she has the desire to serve! When I asked her why she looked at me and said, “I was lost and you kept coming back even when we weren’t really interested at first.   I can see how much I’ve grown, changed, and became closer to Christ and I want to be the blessing in someone else’s life.”  I was seriously so proud I didn’t know how to respond!! So with the time I have left here I hope to try to help her increase desire before I leave this area! But that was by far the highlight of my week.  This letter is already kinda long but just to end I’ve gotten into really studying the Book of Mormon more lately.  I’ve truly seen the happiness that comes from really getting into studying it and I am absolutely loving it!  I’ve truly seen the ways that the Book of Mormon relates to us today and I am seeing the blessings already!!
So the pics… there’s some 4th of July stuff sent to all of us from the fam,  a funny door we found (everyone spells so badly here so I had to take the pic), me and a baby I was just handed while I was sitting down haha, a house we were teaching in and yes they live here and yes that’s a typical Sierra Leone house,  and finally, Elder Tarpeh my MTC comp along with elder Spaulding!!
Anyway this is already really long so I’ll let everyone get back to their vacations!! Love you all! If you’re stuck in Arizona don’t die!! Later.

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