Week 49- 10 Baptismal Dates!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great summer and is enjoying their vacations wherever they are!

You know the humid sticky jungles of Africa is a pretty sweet vacation if anyone would like to take a trip and visit….. It’ll get you out of Arizona heat and put you in humid heat so why not!! Just kidding dont waste your money…..
 I’ll get to some of the things going on around here this past week!! Me and Elder Ragogo worked hard this week! We found one part member family at the beginning of last week that we started teaching and they are now all wanting to be baptized!! We also have two more investigators with baptismal dates so total this last week we gave out 8 for a total of 10 investigators with a baptismal date for August 5th!!! I’m so stoked for them!! The only sad part is I might not be here to see it all happen but hey that’s okay I got to be a part of their spiritual journey and progression and that’s all that matters!
We did some contacting as well and we found 8 New investigators this week and we are hoping to get them to church and progressing as well but we will see how that goes!!
There was some crazy things that happened this week that will make good stories when I get home so I think I’m going to save them but one thing that happened on Monday we got to go to the beach!  Our whole zone went, about 20 of us. We played some American football, soccer, and even some frisbee and overall had a ton of fun!!  I did however get fried which I found super unusual because back home I never got burnt.  That African sun will get ya!!  So if you’re ever looking for a good tan for the summer just fly on over I’ll show you a good spot!
We have transfers coming this next week so you all will find out next week if i go somewhere else or if I stay in the Jui branch for longer. So stay tuned.
Anyway that’s how this last week went and for those who only care about pictures don’t worry I got some for you! Love you all!  As usual if you need something shoot me an email!  I mean you probably have someone you could call and talk to in person and that’s probably a better option but I’m here too so feel free!   Later!!

One thought on “Week 49- 10 Baptismal Dates!

  1. AZ is pretty sticky as well – but a star as i know we don’t have alligators!! so we will just have to stay here and be safe!! Hope you are doing well Elder T your letters sound happy and that is such a great thing to see – Jaro is pretty happy as well and Hunter is submitting papers this week – Let him tell YOU!! We are so grateful to each of you already out serving – It has been such a miracle and we know it is because of all of you!! KEEP doing what you are DOING!!! it does make a huge difference in many lives!!!
    PS Hope you find some aloe vera in Africa!! 🙂
    Sis Beth Peterson


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