Week 51- First Week in Kenema

Hello everyone! So I’m now over here in Kenema! It’s a pretty nice place. More bushy than Waterloo.  I left the mission home last Tuesday morning at 3am and hopped on a bus to come here with a few other missionaries. We got here and I met my new companion, his name is Elder Wokoma.  He is from Nigeria.  He is a pretty cool guy so far.  So I’ve spent my whole mission so far in the area of the tribal language called Timinie but now I’m on the opposite side of the country they speak Mende, a completely different tribal language.  I know absolutely nothing about it so it looks like another learning opportunity for me haha!!

My area is pretty weird when you look at it.  It looks flat but when you’re walking through it it’s rough!  It doesn’t go up hills but the amount of times it drops down and then you gotta hike back up is crazy!  It’s also rainy season so we have got caught having to run quite a bit but hey, being from Arizona rain isn’t such a bad thing!!  And the house I’m in isn’t too bad.  Our room is huge but our bathroom is like a 3×5 closet.  If I had a shower I could shower and use the restroom at the same time haha.  Haven’t had a real shower yet!!
So everything was going smoothly until I got to church on Sunday. My branch was filled with children and women and barely any men.  When I counted during sacrament we had 35+ women with a total of 10 men including the branch presidency…. Soooo that’s a problem.  Looks like me and my comp have a goal now.  We need some freaking priesthood in the branch!  The people here are awesome and I love them already but we need some men haha!
A little fun fact is Kenema is one of the big diamond places here in Sierra Leone so when you drive down the street they have stores to buy diamonds on like every corner! It’s kinda ridiculous actually, but it’s pretty cool!
Anyway, I hope you all have a blessed week and make it better than the last! Say your prayers, read your scriptures, go to church, and be good people!   Love you all talk to you next week!!
Sorry again for no pictures I forgot my camera in the apartment… I’ll make it up to you all next week I promise!!! No vex mom I beg…..

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