Week 91- National Museum

Hey people! I hope everyone had a great last week and that life is treating you all well!
SO this week in good ol Dwarzak Ward we had blessings come our way and we got some member referrals! So this next Saturday we are hoping to have a baptism. We have 3 candidates ready.  We were supposed to have 4 but we found out the other one is having some issues that we need to address.  So sadly we had to post pone that baptism.
But on the bright side I think we will be able to address the issue pretty soon and we are praying that Heavenly Father will touch her heart to help her realize what she needs to do because as of right now, we are not so sure she has a firm testimony yet.
But this morning we got to play some basketball and we had a ton of fun. We even got a surprise visit from two of the Sierra Leone national players and got to play with them a bit. It was pretty cool! One of them even gave me his number and told me he would call us to come visit him in his house!  We had a ton of fun!
We also went to the National Museum this past week.  Honestly, I expected something better because of how much history this place has but it wasn’t too great.
Well I hope you have a great week this next week and make the most out of it!! Love you all!

Week 90- Ranger

Hey Guys I’m sorry I don’t have time to write a group email today.  But heres a pic.  This is “Ranger” (thats what he tells us to call him). He’s a super friendly guy.  He doesn’t have interest in what we teach him sadly, but he’s super friendly to me and my companion. Maybe one day he will hopefully come around to the gospel… But yeah, heres Me with Ranger haha.

Week 89- Gospel Literacy Class

Well people another week has come and gone.  It’s seriously crazy how time flies. I feel like just yesterday I was scared out of my mind to be a missionary and I never would have thought I would be kinda nervous to come home.  Luckily for me theres still some time left for me so I don’t need to worry just yet!
This week was a good one over here in Dwarzak!!
So This week up on the mountain we were able to extend 3 IBD to ladies that have been coming to church forever!!!  Some of the missionaries before weren’t patient with them and they stopped teaching them because they are not learned. They can’t read and can’t write but they have so much desire in them its crazy!! Over here in Salone Dwarzak Ward has come up with a gospel literacy class. Members and investigators who don’t know how to read or write can go there and they help them to learn the basics. (The Alphabet, writing their names, reading words, etc.) So this last Sunday I took those 3 investigators and asked them if they would be interested in that class. They said yes and I told them all that we discuss in investigators class me and my companion would come and share it with them later in the week. But I am super stoked for these 3 investigators. We are planning that they will be baptized on the 12 of next month and we will continue to work with them to prepare for that day!
This week in church I was a little bit of a rough week… we had half the investigators that we normally have attend church. So that was a little bit confusing. We still don’t know why the others didn’t show up. One of them literally stays 100 yards from the chapel so I guess we will figure that one out tomorrow.
Anyway I hope you all have an awesome week.  I’m about out of time for now!

Week 88- Sometimes thats how it Goes

Hello, I hope you all are doing great!
This week in Dwarzak was good!! We are seeing some progression both in the ward and in our investigators! Well some of them…. A kinda funny thing that happened this week.
So we were up toward the top of the mountain and we went to visit one of our investigaotrs. This sister has been coming to church but is super quiet and kinda slow. But anyway we were on our way to her house and we saw her outside the front of her house with some kids. So we walked up toward her and as soon as she saw us she walked around the corner of another house and hid. She told the kids to tell us that she wasnt around. So when we walked up one of the kids said to us (in krio) “my auntie said i should tell you shes not home…” It was so awkward…. We didnt even know what to say. We just started laughing and told them to tell her auntie when she comes back out that we stopped by and that we would call her…. Man it was so awkward but me and Elder Reyes got a good laugh out of it that day.
But other than that we had some good lessons this week and we are hoping that this week we will be able to extend some baptismal dates to some of our investigators that are progressing! The work is going great over here in Dwarzak and everything is going well!  I hope you all have a great week!!

Week 87- New Friends


This is Jim and Andrea Boyden.  They used to live in Gilbert just down the street from where we live.  They now live in Utah about an hour from where Elder Turner will be going to school in Fall.  They text me to let me know they met Elder Turner at church the day before and were taking them out for a good lunch.   They went to a place that makes American food.  He said, “Elder Turner ate a large meat lovers with ease.”

They were there to adopt two brothers.  It has been a long 3 years of papers and were finally there to pick the boys up.  Elder Turner had just been in Kenema and was friends with the one who helped them with the adoption.

After they were able to pick the boys up, they brought them back to Freetown and went to church again where Elder Turner was able to meet them and talk with them in the Krio.  They would love to have Elder Turner come to their home when he gets back, visit the boys, and speak Krio with them.  This is something Elder Turner is looking forward too!  Love these tender mercies and how strangers can become friends!

Week 86- Pure Love, Happy Easter

Hello and Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you all had a great week and that General Conference helped everyone to feel spirit! I think we were all spiritually edified by the things that were shared!  To start off this email I would like to share one of my favorite talks given this conference! It was given by Elder Massimo De Feo of the seventy. He said on speaking of his dying mother, “How can someone who is in such great pain, pray for someone else?  Then, the answer came clearly to my mind:  Pure love. She loved me more than herself.  Jesus Christ was the one who needed help, suffering in a way that we cannot even imagine or comprehend but, in the end, He forgot about Himself and prayed for us until He paid the full price.  He loved the Father and us more than Himself.  Being the foundation of our daily life, pure love is a requirement for every true disciple of Jesus Christ.”
This talk really stood out to me. Especially as we are remembering the sacrifice of our Savior.  Love is the key to everything.  As we have love for others we are patient, helpful, submissive and obedient and many other things.  Christ said the two greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. ” 1 John 4:20tells us:
” If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
So if we do not learn to love and forgive others as our Heavenly Father loves us, we don’t only transgress one of the greatest commandments but we transgress both of the greatest commandments we are given.
I know its not always the easiest to put others before ourselves but as we try our best and pray for the strength to do so I know our Heavenly Father will hear our prayers and pour out blessings upon us.
I hope you all have a great week and try to apply what you learned in conference this past week!! I love you all and I’ll talk to you later!!

Week 85- #Saloneisthebestmission

Hello everyone! I don’t have much time left this week but I will just get to the details of last week!
This last week as usual was super tiring going up and down on this mountain! But it was filled with a ton of fun!! We had our Zone activity at the beach yesterday! Which was honestly a blast! We played some Rugby, ultimate frisbee, and capture the flag!! Honestly it was one of the best zone activities I’ve ever been to!!
As for teaching wise, we had a successful week! We have one ready for baptism this Saturday but there is supposed to be some political things going on so we might end up pushing it over to Sunday!  I got the opportunity to join in on the mission prep class that takes place every Sunday and I got to act as the investigator which was kinda fun!!!  I got to be stubborn for some lessons,  others I got to act like I don’t care, and for some I got to be super interested in what they had to say.  Its kinda funny to see how scared some people are to teach church doctrines.  It just makes me think of how I was before I came on mission.  I was quiet and awkward and I probably couldn’t teach a gospel principal for my life.  It just comes to show how when the Lord is with you he truly does loosen your tongue and put the words in your mouth that you need to say.  It will end up being exactly what a person needs to hear to make them come to a knowledge of the truth.
(To Mom:  So seriously when you speak about The Plan of Salvation it is all centered on Jesus Christ coming to this earth to die for us so we can sit down on the right hand of the Father.  When I was back in Bo that man that was baptized (Bro. Edward) has a wife and two children.  His wife was just baptized last weekend!!  But while I was there right before I left he was thanking me and my companion for working so diligently with him and helping him come to the truth.  Later I asked him a random question.  I asked him “out of all the things you have learned what is the one that made you the most interested and determined?”  He came to explain that The Plan of Salvation is really where he got his questions in the Gospel.  Its the lesson that had covered the questions he couldn’t find answers to for years.  Then he said when we explained that through the plan not only he could be saved but he could be with his family for time and all eternity he really got hooked.
I got the opportunity to teach him that lesson just days after his new baby daughter was born.  He was shocked.  He later said that after we taught him that he would just look at his newborn as she was sleeping and just think about being with all of his family forever. He said thats what helped him to have so much desire to progress.
The Plan of Salvation is something God has given to us as something to determine us to stay on the path. We can get all we ever wanted if we are willing to just follow the plan and do all he asks to the best of our ability!)
 I love you all ill send some pictures next week!! Love you all!

Week 84- Follow the Spirit

Hello everyone! This last week was a lot better than the one before. No hospital trips were made and I am all good now!! The beginning of the week we had to kinda take it slow because I was still feeling pretty weak from not eating for almost 3 days.  But once I was feeling better we got to work.   I have news for all of you that care! I have finalized my return date this last week with my mission president. I will be returning home July 10th, 2018! So I guess I will see you guys somewhat soon!!
Honestly the people we have to teach right now are progressing very slowly. They come to church every week and they are active in church but as for learning the doctrines of the church and really understanding what they are learning they are pretty slow. However I am grateful for the people we have to teach right now.  Even though we have to teach some of the lessons more than once and teach principals over and over and over again I am learning how to be patient and how to teach with the spirit.  I feel that the Spirit is helping me to teach people not through lessons. I feel as missionaries we tend to get a lot of that mixed together.  We focus on getting through the lessons instead of helping the people we teach feel the Spirit and become connected to their Father in Heaven.  I feel that I am really learning to follow the spirit as we go about our day.  But I have also learned and felt how easy it is to be distracted from hearing the whisperings of the Spirit as well.  I hope all of us, as we go about our day,  pay attention to what God is trying to tell us.  Though the business of daily life can be distracting, let us all try.  We aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes that’s why Jesus Christ was sent.  So we can learn and grow from our mistakes and still be able to return home.  I know that God has set a perfect plan for all of us.  He loves us all and knows us each individually.  I know that he does answer prayers today and will always be there to pick us up.  I know he sets challenges before us so that we can learn to rely on his sons atoning sacrifice and come closer to him.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to strive in you personal lives to become closer and more like the Savior this week!! Love you all!!

Week 83- I thought I was Dying

Hello again everyone! So to start off this last week had a lot of ups and downs. It started off really good and ended rough.
At the beginning of the week I had the opportunity to head back to my old area in Waterloo and visit some of my recent converts. I got to see so many familiar faces it was a super fun day!! One of them, I found out was just called to a district relief society calling and it was kind of a shock to me but I was super happy! It really gives missionaries a sense of accomplishment when you see how your converts are progressing!
The week continued great until Friday hit… So Friday while me and my companion were up at the top of our mountain I started feeling really sick. I just tried to pass it off and we kept going throughout our day. But once I got back sown the hill and to the apartment it all went way down hill.  I started vomiting and having what Elder Cluff calls the double headed dragon (I can testify that when Elder Cluff says its straight suffering, it is 100% true) a 102 degree fever, severe headache,  and some other things. I think I had the absolute worst night of my mission.  I felt like I was dying. So later Saturday they decided to take me to the hospital to have some tests and things run. The malaria test showed negative. But the nurses and everyone thought it was turning into a pretty serious malaria case it was just going to show late so they kept me in the hospital hooked on an IV until Sunday afternoon. Well after all tests were run they came to a conclusion that I had some type of infection or something in my stomach probably from food or water or something. So basically a severe case of food poisoning. But thankfully with help from doctors and others I am on some medication and I am doing better now.  You can say my week ended on a rough note so hopefully this one can come out a little bit better!
But yeah that was some big parts of my week so i hope you all had a better week than i did… I love you all talk to you later!!
-Pic of Elder Kibler and I
-Pics of the deadly mudslide that happened a few months ago in Freetown- so sad.
-Converts friends from Waterloo with Elder Radabe.

Week 82- Love the Book of Mormon

Hello Everyone!!  Well over here in Freetown Sierra Leone all things are going well! The Ward is doing great and still working hard! Unfortunately this last week was a little bit of a rough one. With the upcoming elections there has been some craziness going on here so this last week there was some times we as missionaries were asked to stay inside due to some riots and things happening. So it got in the way of us going out a little bit.  But we did what we could had tried to have the most successful week we could. Even this next week might be somehow difficult for us. The elections are this Wednesday and we are hoping everything passes smoothly and nothing major starts here but i guess we will wait and find out!
The times that my companion and I  had the opportunity to go up (the mountain) to teach some people we had some solid lessons. We had one lesson with a sister named Sister Masa. We were telling her more about the Book of Mormon. I love anytime we get to teach the Book of Mormon more in depth because it gives us the opportunity to bear testimony and I feel that when you get to talk about the Book of Mormon being the keystone of our religion you kinda get to bear a testimony about the Church as a whole. It was just a super awesome lesson we had with her this last week! Sadly her son got sick so she wasn’t able to attend church but hopefully next week she will have to opportunity to come!
I hope all of you enjoy your week! remember the little things (prayer, scripture study, acts of kindness) make all the difference! As we do these things the lord will take away some of the stresses of everyday life and replace it with happiness! Love you all!
pic 1- Mission home and meeting place
pic 2- Old comp Elder Radabe
pic3- A massive meal we were given